Take Back Control Of Bedtime

Sleep Fast is the pomegranate flavored melatonin spray with relaxing botanical extracts that support more restful sleep.

  • Supports restful, uninterrupted sleep
  • Great tasting spray absorbs faster than a pill
  • Helps normalize sleep patterns
  • Great for jet lag or sleeping after night shifts

How it Works

Step 01
Pump six full sprays of
Sleep Fast under your
tongue before getting
ready for bed.
Step 02
Calming herbal extracts
sooth the day’s stresses
while melatonin tells your
brain it’s time to get tired
and go to sleep.

Having Trouble Getting Enough Sleep?

So are more than half of Americans!

Whether you’ve got a hectic work life, a demanding family or just a lot on your mind, you’re probably not getting enough sleep.

The bad news is that lack of sleep can take a serious toll on you, and bags under the eyes are just the beginning. Consistently sleeping too little can lead to:

  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Weight Gain
  • Headaches
  • Lowered Cognitive Ability
  • Emotional Imbalance
  • Increased Heart Disease Risk
  • Reduced Sex Drive
  • Poor Immune Functioning

The good news is we are looking to put an end to that. Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray works to naturally help you sleep with an effective dose of melatonin along with a key blend of relaxing and sleep-assisting herbal extracts and nutrients. And since it is a liquid formula that you spray under your tongue before bed, it can be faster acting and more convenient than a traditional sleeping pill. Did we mention it tastes great?


It works quickly and tastes good. Best of all, there was no [sleeping pill] hangover the next day! I really like that this is a natural product rather than a prescription or over-the-counter medication. We will be purchasing this product again – it is highly recommended!

Stefanie Stefanie H.

I was recently having some trouble sleeping, so ended up purchasing this certain product as I had read good reviews about it, and i was not disappointed! The thing I liked most about it was the fact that it’s a spray, and not a pill, as i have trouble swallowing capsules and tablets etc.. so that was great! Meanwhile, it had a really nice taste to it, which again similar items sometimes offer, and the final bonus i liked most about it was the fact that when i woke up in the morning, i didn’t feel groggy or grouchy! So top marks from me. All in all, the product has worked great for me, it usually takes me roughly between 20-40 mins to get tired once using the spray which is great, would recommend!

Jack Jack

Every so often I go through periods of insomnia and trust me I’ve taken a lot of sleeping pills. I like SleepFast because it doesn’t make me groggy in the morning. You know when you take a sleeping pill and don’t have a full 8 hours to let it work itself out of your system and you wake up with your head feeling like a fish bowl full of jam? None of that here. Just a good night’s sleep.

Patricia Patricia

Natural Active Ingredients

Melatonin is just about the most important brain chemical involved in sleep. It regulates the sleep-wake cycle by making you feel drowsy when it is time for your body to go to sleep. People who are out of balance in melatonin, often related to a serotonin imbalance, may suffer from insomnia and un-restful sleep. Boosting your melatonin levels before bed is one of the surest natural methods to induce sleep without unnatural chemicals.
Valeriana officinalis
Valerian root
Valerian root is an herb made from the root of the valeriana officinalis plant. It has been used as a natural remedy for centuries by healers around the world. Because of its sedative effect, valerian root has most often been used for insomnia. This herb has also been used to treat anxiety, depression and muscle aches.
Melissa officinalis
Lemon balm
Lemon balm, or Melissa officinalis, is an herb in the mint family that is famous for its relaxing qualities. Studies have found that lemon balm extract and teas made from lemon balm had a calming effect on the mind, helping to push out unwanted and distracting thoughts. It is also known to be an effective antioxidant.
5-HTP molecule
5-hydroxytryptophan, or 5-HTP, is a precursor to serotonin. Serotonin is a critical neurotransmitter in the brain that helps to regulate mood and sleep, among other things. By giving your body a boost of 5-HTP, your brain will be better able to produce serotonin, helping your sleep system work more effectively.
Chamomile is most commonly taken in tea form and is one of the most popular herbal teas in the world. Its relaxing effects have been well documented, making it extremely popular to have before bedtime. It is commonly used for relaxation, sleep, upset stomach and externally to reduce bruising on the skin.

Jet lagged? Working late hours?

Flying across time zones or working late hours can upset your circadian rhythm, or sleep-wake cycle. When this happens it becomes very difficult to sleep for long enough or get a normal schedule on track. The melatonin in Sleep Fast can help you get back on track by telling the body to “reset” its sleep cycle.

Why Choose Sleep Fast Over a Sleeping Pill?

There are generally two kinds of sleeping pills: prescription and over-the-counter. Prescription sleeping pills, commonly prescribed for insomnia, can be very addictive and have a long list of side effects, including changes in appetite, diarrhea, dizziness, dry mouth, gas, headache, heartburn, feelings of weakness and more.

When you add together the risk of dependency, the side effects, the many drug interactions and that groggy sleeping pill hangover, you might think twice about sleeping pills.

Over-the-counter sleeping pills are less severe than the prescription sleep aids, but still involve swallowing a pill, forcing a chemical change in your brain and risking a sleeping pill hangover – which can make you even more groggy if your sleep gets interrupted before you’ve gotten a full seven hours.

Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray is a different kind of sleep aid. Where many sleeping pills will force your body to sleep causing anything from mild grogginess to outright dizziness if your sleep is interrupted – Sleep Fast takes a natural, more gentle approach. Calming herbal ingredients work to soothe the days stresses out of your body while the melatonin tells your brain it’s time to get tired and sleep peacefully. It triggers your body’s own sleep cycle to go into “tired mode” rather than forcing anything.

Why a sublingual (under the tongue) spray, you ask? Firstly, numerious studies show that liquid extracts absorb faster and more completely than powder extracts – so you’d be wasting your money on melatonin powder pills. Secondly, its faster, more convenient and very tasty.

Are you ready for the most peaceful sleep of your life?

Imagine a regular schedule of restful, uninterrupted sleep. Imagine getting there naturally, empowering your body to do its own work. We want to help you get there.

Guarantee seal

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

We give you 60 full days to enjoy the product and if you are not satisfied, you can send back your order for a refund of the purchase price. Note: this guarantee covers only one order and, if you ordered multiple bottles, only one may be opened.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so buy with confidence.

What does Sleep Fast Cost?

One Time “No Commitment” Order

Herbal Melatonin Sleep Aid

  • Less than $1/day
  • One month supply
  • Nothing to cancel
  • Covered by our 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee
Sleep Fast Auto-Ship Program

Herbal Melatonin Sleep Aid

$19.95 / Month
  • Less than $.65 a day
  • Delivered conveniently every 30 days
  • Cancel any time
  • Lowest price to get started today
  • Covered by our 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee
Sleep Fast Three Pack


  • $18.31 per bottle (best value)
  • Less than $.60 a day
  • FREE Shipping
  • Be stocked up for three months
  • Covered by our 60-day Satisfaction Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Sleep Fast manufactured?

Sleep Fast is manufactured in North America in an FDA registered liquids lab that meets the highest NSF, ISO and GMP certification standards.

How long will it take to reach me?

All orders are shipped USPS First Class with tracking. Orders are shipped within one business day and, for orders within the US, it should reach you within a week.

How long does Sleep Fast take to work?

This varies slightly from person to person, but taking Sleep Fast can lead to drowsiness in as few as 15-20 minutes. Customers often take theirs before they start their bedtime routine and report growing tired by the time they are laying down in bed.

Why is Sleep Fast recommended for jet lag or people working night shifts?

Sleep Fast doesn’t just tell make you tired, it helps you take a shortcut to resetting your entire sleep wake cycle. Research shows that your body usually uses sunlight as a measure of when it’s supposed to get tired. When the balance is upset, it can take many days to adjust. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Try Sleep Fast!

Do you offer free samples?

We are confident Sleep Fast will work for you and want you to try the first bottle for a full month, risk free with our 60-day, money-back guarantee.

Is it shipped discreetly?

Yes, it comes in a plain brown package that simply bears our company name “Tranquility Labs LLC”

How can I check the status of my order?

You can feel free to ask us about the status of your order at support@tranquilitylabs.com, or use the tracking number supplied in your e-mailed receipt to keep track of your shipment’s location.

Can I take Sleep Fast with my medication?

Sleep Fast is a natural formula and safe to take with most medications. However, we do urge you to check with a doctor or pharmacist for any possible interactions if you are currently on any medications. For more information, visit our  Safety Information page.

What is the recommended dosage of Sleep Fast?

We recommend you take 6 sprays under the tongue at least 30 minutes before bed.

How do I buy Sleep Fast?

You can order online at www.SleepFastSpray.com. All you need is an address and your credit card.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. We apologize, but we do not accept cash, checks, money orders or PayPal.

How can I be sure my information is secure?

Tranquility Labs LLC only uses encrypted, PCI-compliant methods for storing and transferring customer data. Customer security is a top priority.

What is your guarantee?

Sleep Fast orders come with a 60-day guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason you may return the product within 60 days for a full refund of the purchase price.

What is the minimum age for taking sleep fast?

We recommend taking Sleep Fast only if you are over the age of 18. Research on the safety of regular use of melatonin in children is not yet conclusive.

How is Sleep Fast different from a prescription Sleep Aid?

Sleep Fast does not force any unnatural chemical changes in your brain like many sleeping pills. While valerian root and chamomile herbal extracts relax your body, Sleep Fast elevates the natural brain chemicals that tell your brain’s sleep-wake cycle it’s time to go to sleep.

Can I become addicted?

Sleep Fast is non-addictive, but we can’t say you won’t want to use it all the time if you give it a try!